Kokeshi Christmas Tree


This idea of stacking up kokeshi to become Christmas tree came to my mind when I was queuing up at a bus stop to home. You know how it feels when you think of a great idea, and immediately you are scared of it. You worry it’s too time-consuming, too complicated to finish etc. Several times I wanted to put it off. But then I finally sat myself down and started to draft.


This is when it’s 1/3 done. Looks great but more anxiety. The kokeshi facial features are too tiny. I needed to be extra careful not to carve their eyes out.


The top of kokeshi Christmas tree has a non-traditional kokeshi. This is the only one which was not drawn from a real kokeshi. I got the design from my Keep Warm stamp here.

Took 3 days to finish, a total of 10 hours of carving time. Wish you like it!


I love ex-libris!

kokeshi exlibris

I just created my first ex-libris. Of course, once again, the design is about kokeshi. I chose my wood carving knife mostly to make this stamp, in order to create a more natural, raw feeling to it. Do you like my ex-libris? =)



Discovery Bay Sunday Market

Discovery Bay Market Poster

So excited to participate to the comign Discovery Bay Sunday Market! I love the relaxing, friendly atmosphere there. I should design something new for this market.

Looking forward to meeting new friends and customers there!





待用飯的意念源自外國的Suspended Coffee。像買Coupon的型式, 有心人士先向餐廳付款買下若干數量的午/晚餐,讓有需要人士能到餐廳免費用膳。這方法讓受惠者得到直接幫助之餘又不失尊嚴。





Thank you for the encouragement and generosity, my first stamp charity event last month came to great success! I have collected HKD875 and have donated them all to 叙福樓集團有限公司 for their Suspended Meal Project.

Rubber stamp carvers like me should realise that during the stamp-carving process, not only do we produce beautiful stamps, but also a lot of rubber residues/leftovers. Those little pieces of rubber are too much of a waste if being thrown away, and I always think of ways to utilize them.

In views of the growing population of the people in need in Hong Kong, I came up with an idea yesterday by carving small stamps with the little rubbers to raise a fund for charity in my stamp booth ( September 6th and 7th, in Tseung Kwan O PopCorn Shopping Mall). I would set up a donation box in my booth and any one are welcome to donate a free amount of money. In return, they will receive a stamp from me. The donation will be 100% donated to 叙福樓集團有限公司 for their Suspended Meal Project. Those meals will be available in their Wong Tai Sin and Tin Shui Wai restaurants for those in need. Donation amount details will be posted afterwards.

In addition, I welcome participation of other stamp carvers. May it be an eraser stamp or some unused rubber stamp board, whatever useful are much appreciated.

Thank you very much.



印章工作坊の圍裙設計 DIY Eraser Stamp Workshop




JESCA (Japan Eraser Stamp Creators Association) 認定橡皮章作家/ 講師 Helen曾於日本生活,由於熱愛源自當地的手工橡皮印章這手藝,曾向不同的日本刻章導師學習。考獲資格後於2013年在東京的橡皮印章嘉年華(Stamp Carnival)出展, 並獲兩項印章設計獎。回港之後立志讓更多人認識這手作和感受印章創作的快樂。
地點: JCCAC九龍石硤尾白田街30號 1/F Design Port
報名方法:請先電郵至diyeraserstamp@gmail.com留位,並付上參加者姓名、聯絡電話和電郵地址。並於報名後七日內交學費。請參加者把全數學費存款至匯豐銀行戶口 050-7-075786
如有查詢,請電郵至 diyeraserstamp@gmail.com

DIY Eraser Stamp workshop will be held again on 30th August, 2014 from 2:30PM to 5:30PM at Design Port, JCCAC in Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong. Once again, we will be carving stamps together after instructor’s demo, followed by designing your own apron by stamping on it! It will be a challenging yet creative and fun workshop!
For further information and application, please email me at diyeraserstamp@gmail.com on or before 28th August. Looking forward to seeing you all!