Layer Stamp


I love to add colours to my stamps by using watercolours, highlighters, or stamp pad with cotton tips etc. But adding colours by carving out each part is much more rewarding, yet time-consuming!!
This 3-layer stamp is carved to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2016, as well as the late blossom of my narcissus at home!! It was very cold for the last several weeks and most flowers have delayed their blossoming. Yet, just like life itself, have faith and the right time will come!
Have a great and prosperous Year 2016 every one!!


Stamp for a Reason


Stamp designing is fun, especially when the stamp is designed for a reason.

This is a stamp for a Chinese opera gift shop coming up in March. Customers will be able to stamp it on postcard and take the stamped postcard with them. I hope they will like my design!


Stamp for Handicraft Fair市集紀念章



This will be my coming event stamp for coming Saturday’s handicraft fair at D2 Place, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong.

Perfect for stamping on blank postcard! Love it! =)

Looking forward to weekdend!



荔枝角D2 Place見!


Kokeshi Stamps

kokeshi10 kokeshi 10 boxset kokeshi11a kokeshi11


I am never tired of kokeshi dolls. They are handmade wooden dolls without limbs, mostly found in Tohoku, Japan.

They are generally 11 types of kokeshis nowadays, and they are very popular among Japanese office ladies now. I am not Japanese but I just never get tired of them. They are not simply “kawaii” to me, but a very soothing face to look at, a calming effect especially after a hectic day. Since I bought them from different parts of Japan, these kokeshi bring back good memories. I have carved these stamps 2 years ago and have used them on a book wrap. The ones in the box are re-make.