Stamp for Handicraft Fair市集紀念章



This will be my coming event stamp for coming Saturday’s handicraft fair at D2 Place, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong.

Perfect for stamping on blank postcard! Love it! =)

Looking forward to weekdend!



荔枝角D2 Place見!


Kokeshi Stamps

kokeshi10 kokeshi 10 boxset kokeshi11a kokeshi11


I am never tired of kokeshi dolls. They are handmade wooden dolls without limbs, mostly found in Tohoku, Japan.

They are generally 11 types of kokeshis nowadays, and they are very popular among Japanese office ladies now. I am not Japanese but I just never get tired of them. They are not simply “kawaii” to me, but a very soothing face to look at, a calming effect especially after a hectic day. Since I bought them from different parts of Japan, these kokeshi bring back good memories. I have carved these stamps 2 years ago and have used them on a book wrap. The ones in the box are re-make.


Good Morning Class!

class class1

These stamps are custom made name stamps from a teacher who plans to use them as a gift to each of her student. Viewing the pictures of each student and drawing their smiley faces were so much joy. Sometimes I wish I could see how they react when they open this gift of love from their beloved teacher. ” You are unique and you are important to me.” The message behind the gift is so so powerful.


日式手工橡皮章課程 New DIY Eraser Stamp Courses Available!



分入門和進階兩班, 每班各十課(共十五小時),
有興趣學習刻印章的朋友, 萬勿錯過!
上課地點: 尖沙咀安年教學中心

日 式 手 工 橡 皮 章 入 門 (http://bit.ly/1J0s0fw)
上課時間: 7月14日晚上7:00至8:30(星期二)

日 式 手 工 橡 皮 章 進 階 (http://bit.ly/1C9ZW1t)
上課時間: 7月15日晚上7:00至8:30(星期三)

報名方法: 請click入課程網址直接報名。

I am delighted to announce, I will start two new courses of DIY Eraser Stamps with CUSCS (School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) next month. Introduction to DIY Eraser Stamp (http://bit.ly/1J0s0fw) is a course perfect for beginners, as well as Advanced to DIY Eraser Stamp (http://bit.ly/1C9ZW1t), an extension of the first course, which is applicable to stamp carvers who have at least 20 hours of stamp carving experience. Each of the courses will have 10 sessions, with 90 minutes each. The course will be conducted in Cantonese mainly, but I will be happy to speak English if necessary. For enrolment details, please check out the course links here.

Course Location: Orienal Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Course Date and Time:

14th July, 2015 @7:00 to 8:30PM (Introduction to DIY Eraser Stamp)

15th July, 2015@7:00PM to 8:30PM (Advanced to DIY Eraser Stamp)

Enrolment Deadline: 4th July, 2015



Japanese Chiyogami Patterns






Chiyogami paper is a type of traditonal Japanese paper with repeated patterns which is printed by woodblock or silk screen. Beautifully presented in rolls of handmade washi paper, I remember how I always overspent whenever I visited traditional Japanese stationery shops like Kyukyodo ( http://www.kyukyodo.co.jp) or Itoya ( http://www.ito-ya.co.jp/sp/). I marvelled at each chiyogami paper’s design, colouring and details, and of course, the expensiveness. Yet, each chiyogami paper represents rich creativity, Japanese artistry and lots of work! Woodblock carving, for one, is no easy task.

I carved these eraser stamp boards two years ago. They were used in a lot of different situations ever since. One good thing about them is you can use them as background of your stamp object. My stamp board preference is the grey coloured Seed eraser board from Japan, which is harder than most Seed boards and therefore more durable in the long run.